Senator Pilcher-Cook Proposes Legislation to put Parents in Control of Sex Education for their Children

Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook (R-Shawnee) announced today that she will be introducing legislation requiring school districts to receive signed permission slips from parents before their children can receive sex education classes in public schools. Her proposal comes in the wake of a poster entitled “How do people express their sexual feelings?” at Hocker Grove Middle School which then listed several sexual acts.

The sign was subsequently removed by Shawnee Mission School District Superintendent Jim Hinson, and Senator Pilcher-Cook was grateful but said the fact the sign was posted at all and initially defended by other school officials demonstrates the need for direct parental approval prior to children being subjected to such material. She said she is proposing the legislation after inquiries from upset constituents.

“Parents should be given full information about what their children are being taught on a very sensitive subject. I will be working with school officials to ensure that happens and I am relieved to hear the Shawnee Mission School District is doing a comprehensive review of the sexual education material.”

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