Mary Pilcher-Cook Floor Remarks on Resolution Honoring Pregnancy Maintenance Resource Centers

Many times advocates of abortion will ask me, why don't we help women in crisis pregnancies. What about the mother and the child after birth?

And I respond - We do help them.

Yes, these crisis pregnancy centers help women in many ways and with compassion.

These centers give women real choices giving them the science of ultrasound so they can view the movement of their child in the womb, sucking a thumb, kicking and sometimes even smiling. Women are given the opportunity to learn their baby is real and really alive.

These centers offer adoption resources, help women with living arrangements and give them assistance with their finances. They give practical help with material goods diapers, baby food and much more.

But most of all, these centers give spiritual help with handholding, prayers, love and support.

I challenge each legislator to put a link to this resolution in your newsletter. Find out where the closest pregnancy maintenance center is in your district and give your constituents a phone number and an address.

Let's help these women instead of telling them they can't possibly handle an unborn child and that they need to destroy that precious human life.

Let's encourage them and give them support instead. Who knows? You may save a human life.

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